Resin cup in metallic gold.
This cup is made with food safe resin, meaning you may use it functionally, however only with cool or warm liquids - not hot, as the resin will become soft.
If your resin becomes soft, place it somewhere cool and leave to set. If it has set out of shape, gently heat it (eg. in an oven) for a minute, then leave somewhere cool to set. It will reset in it's original form.
As this item has been sanded, it may loose its lustre over time. Simply polish it by putting some vegetable oil on a paper towel.
It is not recommended to use this item for alcohol as it may degrade the material.
This cup is made from a mold created from a handmade cup, therefore it is very unique.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Resin Cup - Gold